Professor Caroline Archer-Parré

Professor Caroline Archer-Parré

Caroline is particularly interested in the history of printing in Birmingham from the eighteenth- to the twentieth-century. Her research straddles three specific areas: 1) the work of John Baskerville, typefounder, printer and designer with a world-wide reputation who made eighteenth-century Birmingham a city without typographic equal, by changing the course of type design; 2) designer-printers of the twentieth century particularly the Kynoch Press a major British printer, one that should be much better known to historians of printing and in particular to those who are interested in how printing types come to be adopted, utilised and promoted by a press; 3) the advent of technical education in the printing industry, with specific reference to the work of Leonard Jay and the Birmingham School of Printing.

Selected Publications:

Books [monographs]

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Books [editor]

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Books/journals [contributor]

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