Dr Kate Croft

Dr Kate Croft is a freelance lecturer and researcher based in the West Midlands and has worked as a librarian in the academic and public sector. In 2002, Kate worked on the Revolutionary Players project, based at Birmingham Central Library, which developed and delivered online learning and research resources.

In 2012 Kate completed a PhD on Lunar Society member, Thomas Day’s educational experiment, Constructing the Eighteenth Century Woman: The Adventurous History of Sabrina Sidney, 1757-1843.  Kate has taught in the Further Education sector, and currently is a Visiting Lecturer at Birmingham University on the MA in West Midlands History. While Kate continues to research social and gender history in the eighteenth-century West Midlands, she has expanded her work to include the print culture of the Lunar Society.

Currently working at the Centre for West Midlands History as Project Development Officer, Kate recently completed a research project on the print culture of the steam engine, including material relating to James Watt and the Boulton and Watt business enterprises.  

Featured Research:

James Watt 2019 Symposium