James Watt at the Arts and Science Festival 2018

The University of Birmingham's Arts and Science Festival is taking place between 12th and 18th March. It is an opportunity to hear about new thinking from academics and the responses of artists and partners through concerts, exhibitions, talks and workshops. 

On Monday 12th March, Dr Malcolm Dick and Dr Kate Croft will be leading a workshop at the BMI considering the impact of the Industrial Revolution in late eighteenth and early nineteenth century Birmingham.

"Starting with Steam: The Origins of the Industrial Revolution in Birmingham" will explore the significance of Matthew Boulton and James Watts’ steam engine and its part in developing industrialisation in the town, the nation and globally.

This interactive session will run from 2pm - 3.30pm and is free, although booking is recommended.

To book your place visit: https://artsandsciencefestival.co.uk/festival-event/starting-with-steam/