Mechanical Wonders - The engines that changed the world

Since 1974, David Hulse has worked to create working models in minute detail of the engines of Thomas Newcomen, James Watt, James Pickard, Matthew Wasborough, Francis Thompson and Richard Trevithick.

James Watt's workshop - Inventing the modern world

Explore the legendary attic workshop of James Watt as he left it on his death in 1819 with Ben Russell, Curator of Mechanical Engineering Science at the Science Museum, London UK.

James Watt - 18th Century Scientist and Revolutionary Player

David Miller, Professor of the History and Philosophy of Science of the University of New South Wales, Australia, discusses James Watt – the 18th Century Scientist.

James Watt - An Enlightenment Thinker

James Watt was a true man of the 18th Century Industrial Enlightenment. He believed in the power of knowledge to create ideas and that these ideas created immediate change. 

Professor Peter Jones, Emeritus Professor of French History at the University of Birmingham, UK, discuses a great man of the Enlightenment.